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Motorists parking illegally in Rushmoor have paid £260,000 worth of fines to the local authority in just over a year, new figures have shown. [more]
Police in Selkirk have taken action in order to put a stop to the “chaos” of parking in the area. [more]
A Carlisle business park has suffered from illegal parking woes for so long that action is now to be taken following increasing concerns raised by local firms. [more]
Last year a one-off documentary, 'Parking Mad', revealed the extent to which parking gets Brits riled up. Now, a new four-part extended series of the programme is to be broadcast on the BBC, delving deeper into the public's problems with parking. [more]
Drivers in Broadgreen, Wiltshire, are being warned that police and civil enforcement officers have launched a new clamp down on illegal parking in the area. [more]
Parking on pavements should be made illegal across the UK, according to the charity Guide Dogs. [more]
North Hertfordshire Council (NHDC) made more than £2 million from illegal parking over the past four years, the Advertiser has reported. [more]
Local councils have addressed the issue of illegal parking by parents during the school run by using new 'spy cars' to identify and penalise the guilty drivers. [more]
No-change parking meters in Cornwall are making more than £300,000 a year, according to recent Cornwall Council figures. [more]
A CCTV camera car has been introduced in York in an attempt to tackle the ongoing illegal parking taking place outside a number of the area's schools. [more]

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