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Residents of Boscombe Road in Southend are faced with serious parking problems after they opted out of the council’s proposed parking permit scheme. [more]
A parking guidance system in Dorset is still displaying incorrect information a year after it was introduced. [more]
Residents of Cae’r Wern retirement housing estate are experiencing severe car parking problems in the area. [more]
Outraged traders in Whitstable have demanded the resignation of some council staff after the Gorrell Tank car park has been closed. [more]
Parking on the streets of Cumbria will no longer be free after the council agreed to go ahead with a new parking enforcement strategy. [more]
Residents in the surrounding area of the Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council in Leicestershire may face substantial car parking problems following the announcement that the Brunel Road car park is to be closed. [more]
A new residents' parking zone in the Cliftonwood and Hotwells zone of Bristol has been delayed as a result of a backlog in the number of permits being issued. [more]
Despite claims that there could be hundreds of drivers parking illegally outside Cumbrian schools, less than 20 were given parking tickets, new data has found. [more]
Staffordshire Police are urging motorists to avoid parking their cars outside properties located on the busy A34 dual carriageway, due to concerns that they are making the road dangerous for moving traffic. [more]
Stoke-on-Trent City Council has invested in a new ‘spy-car’ in a bid to crack down on illegal parking. [more]

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