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Line Markings, Stencils, Thermoplastic Road Markings

For parking regulations to be as transparent as possible it is crucial for the surface markings to be clear and visible, and the line marking, road marking and thermoplastic line marking solutions offered by Flashpark provide a broad range of options for every circumstance.

thermoplastic road markings

Road markings

The white lines that define parking bays and areas can, if applied well, have shelf lives of as long as 10 years, and allow space owners to know that their areas are clearly and unequivocally defined. There are a number of painting options available, with the suitability dependant upon the road or car park surface and how long the area needs to be defined for.

Flashpark professionals can help assess site and the road markings needed if a new job is required, or they can advise or give an estimate on a repainting job if that is all that is necessary. thermoplastic line markings

Spray marking

Some road markings only require Flashpark's spray can line marking kit, which will dispense a simple line from the provided canister. This technique has a rather shorter shelf life than other methods, but is perfect for marking or remarking lines on tennis courts or other sports surfaces. Flashpark also has a range of stencils and symbols that can be used with the spray can method.

Preformed thermoplastic road markings

More hardy markings road markings and thermoplastic line markings generally require the work of an experienced contractor, with the kit and the vehicles to carry out a heavy-duty job that can last as long as a decade.

Flashpark does offer, however, a solution that is nearly as durable but can be carried out by just a single person with a propane burner with regulator. Hotline is ideal for fast permanent installation or re-instatement of road markings, car park markings and cycleways. The preformed thermoplastic road marking material is available in a range of colours, lengths and widths, with custom logos, letters and symbols also available.

thermoplastic road markings

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