Flashpark's parking solutions will remove the headache of protecting your private parking

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The cost of parking is going through the roof these days. A central London parking place recently sold for £250k, but even in smaller cities and towns, space is at a premium which leaves those of us who have small private car parks or private parking spaces forced to protect our land. Fortunately, this can be much easier with the help of Flashpark's simple and cost-effective parking solutions.

Protecting your private parking spaces

Dealing with drivers parking in private spaces is a major headache for people who own pubs, restaurants, shops and other commercial and private property in the UK. With parking spaces dwindling and charges increasing, many drivers opt to take the risk and park on private property to avoid the penalties that are in place on the public highway. Residents, landowners and businesses are all impacted by this problem, with access regularly blocked. The solution is to sign up to Flashpark and our parking solutions which are designed to help take care of the problem for you.

How do I get started with Flashpark's parking solutions?

Once you have signed up to our free service, we will send you a welcome email, along with our car park management signs to display your home or work address. Our customers rent these signs from us for a small fee and we ask that they are displayed where members of the public who may be looking to illegally use the car park will see them easily. The next step is to take photos of these signs and send them back to us. Once these are approved, you can start using our parking solutions.

For more information about how Flashpark parking solutions work in practice, please click here.

What do I do if someone parks in my private car park?

The Flashpark parking solutions make it simple to issue parking charge notices. After setting up an account, you will need to wait for it to be approved. But from then on you will be able to issue parking notices to drivers. If you notice someone parked in one of your spaces illegally, simply take some clear pictures of the car, in which it is also possible to see the signs from Flashpark. Once we receive these pictures, we run the registration number through our system, which links automatically with the DVLA and gives us the contact details for the driver.

We then issue a parking charge notice to the offender with a picture of their vehicle explaining what they did wrong along with details of the fee payable and the date it is due. The charge is usually due within 14 days.

For more information about how the Flashpark parking solution works click here, or sign up here.

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