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The number of parking fines being handed out in Walsall is falling, with £150,000 less brought in via parking enforcement than two years ago. [more]
Around 500 people a month are being hit by parking fines as a result of leaving their cars in the wrong place at a Burton hospital. [more]
Following a mistake by a roads contractor, hundreds of pounds worth of illegal parking fines have had to be recalled in Romford, Essex. [more]
Illegal and dangerous parking has become a problem in Lancing, according to one local councillor. [more]
Bosses at the new Waitrose store in Malmesbury have not included a staff car park for their workers, resulting in illegal parking by employees in a farmer’s field. [more]
Porthleven has come up with a way of dealing with its parking problem by opening a new low-cost car park. [more]
Police officers were forced to give out at least 20 parking tickets outside 12 schools over the course of just two weeks in July. [more]
Private parking enforcement is increasingly being challenged, according to a new report from official watchdog the Parking on Private Land Appeals service (Popla). [more]
Police in Banff, Scotland, have launched a crackdown on illegal parking in the area, warning drivers that if they are found flouting regulations they will be given penalty notices. [more]
The Banbury Rural Policing team have arranged a meeting with residents in Cherwell Heights to discuss the parking problems in the area. [more]

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