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A man from Wrexham is in court for failing to pay an additional £2 car parking charge after he fell during a hike on Snowdon Mountain. [more]
Residents of a street in Hull will be able to voice their opinions on a planned increase in the price of parking permits from £7.50 to £20. [more]
A woman has been handed a parking fine after pulling over in order to observe the two minutes’ silence on Armistice Day. [more]
A street in Flintshire, Wales has received more parking tickets than any other town in the county over the past year. [more]
Swansea council is set to introduce a new “robo-warden” camera in order to deal with parking problems. [more]
The reputation of a hospital in the north-east of England has been damaged as a result of a row over parking tickets, it has been claimed. [more]
Scottish motorists have been urged to fight unfair parking tickets by Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS). [more]
Calderdale Council has revealed it is set to refund £200,000 worth of parking tickets. [more]
Morrisons has announced it will refund angry shoppers who were mistakenly given parking tickets after visiting its store in Inverness. [more]
More than half of appeals made over parking tickets are successful, new research shows. [more]

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