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The introduction of parking control in Flintshire could net the council more than £700,000 a year, if plans are approved by local councillors next week. [more]
Councils should use a "common sense" approach to parking enforcements to hand out more verbal warnings and less parking tickets, according to ministers. [more]
Motorists should be encouraged to visit Brighton in the rain with a reduction in parking fees, city councillors have said. [more]
A further area of Bristol's controversial residents' parking zone has been approved by the city council in the Montpelier area of the city as part of mayor George Ferguson's plan to stop commuter parking. [more]
Hundreds of angry campaigners have launched a petition against Stoke-on-Trent City Council's decision to charge disabled drivers to park. [more]
Drivers in England are set to receive a 10 minutes "grace period" after a parking ticket runs out before they can be hit with a fine. [more]
London City Airport has topped a ranking of the most expensive airport parking in the world, with a fee of £315 a week for long-stay parking. [more]
A chip shop owner is waiting to find out if he has won a landmark bid to banish "unfair" private parking charges in Essex. [more]
West Berkshire Council has fined 142 motorists for being outside of parking spaces after painting under-sized bays across Newbury. [more]
An MP and road safety charity have argued that the law should be changed so that tired drivers can spend more than two hours in motorway service stations without being charged. [more]

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