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New on-street parking changes could be introduced in Staffordshire with the review to revive town centres, increase tourism and create more jobs. [more]
Motorists have been given a two week Amnesty slot to hand over their illegal blue disabled parking badges and avoid punishment. [more]
A number of Scottish councils have made a record profit from parking charges and fines, new figures have revealed. [more]
Court of Appeal just handed down a landmark ruling in favour of car park control companies. Up until now there’s been a lot of confusion about the legality of private parking companies and their ability to enforce parking charges. This confusion has meant thousands of parking charge notices have gone unpaid by motorists. [more]
A bill banning parking on pavements has been introduced to the Scottish Parliament for a third time in a bid to reduce health and safety risks for pedestrians. [more]
Flashpark welcomes the decision by the Court of Appeal in a recent landmark ruling which decided that parking fees are a “commercially-justified deterrent”. [more]
Aberdeen Hospital is set to increase the number of patient and visitor parking spaces following a pledge of up to £10 million by businessman Sir Ian Wood. [more]
A new park-and-ride site for hospital staff could be created to cut congestion at the John Radcliffe Hospital site in Oxford, according to the county's transport chief. [more]
Millions of motorists may now face spiralling parking enforcement fines after judges ruled that an £85 penalty was not an "excessively high" fine for overstaying a ticket at a privately owned car park. [more]
Owners of illegally or inconsiderately parked cars both in and around Bristol's Southmead Hospital have been fined or given leaflets highlighting the problems it can cause to local emergency services. [more]

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