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Strong criticism has been levied at Nottingham City Council’s new car parking scheme – which charges employers for each parking space they offer in their workplace. [more]
Richmond Council has been praised by a parking enforcement campaigner after it implemented changes that he had suggested, making it “the fairest” borough for parking fines. [more]
Seven towns across Cheshire are to benefit from a free parking scheme that has been introduced in a bid to help local businesses deal with tough trading conditions. [more]
Certain Wigan residents have claimed that a Lidl supermarket has prevented them from parking in its car park, despite the supermarket’s employees parking outside their row of terraced houses during the day. [more]
Transport Minister, Norman Baker, is considering raising the amount that motorists are fined for illegal parking by 50 per cent. [more]
Southend Hospital made more than £1.2 million from its car parking charges last year, new figures have revealed, and the fees have forced the creation of a parking management scheme in the area around the hospital. [more]
Drivers who leave cars that they are hoping to sell parked on council land across Barnsley and the Dearne Valley have been urged to move the vehicles or face fines from Barnsley Council. [more]
Motorists parking illegally in South Gloucestershire could soon be caught out by a new mobile enforcement car that will have the capacity to recognise number plates and film vehicles that park dangerously. [more]
The opening of the new Olympia Leisure Centre in Dundee is creating car parking headaches for the bosses of the adjacent Gallagher Retail Park. [more]
The management of a car park located next to a new hotel development in Bedfordshire is currently causing contention amongst local councillors. [more]

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