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According to the RAC Foundation, councils in England are making record surpluses from parking charges and fines. [more]
Residents in Rishton have called for the local council to take action over dangerous parking in the local area. [more]
Police in Bideford, North Devon, have announced a crackdown on illegal parking in the town centre, which will take place over the festive period. [more]
A new survey of Bath businesses suggests that two-thirds of companies in the area are losing business due to the local parking problems. [more]
More than 500 drivers have been fined since September 2013 for illegal parking at a council car park near Bristol Parkway station. [more]
Leeds council has introduced a spy car to the city's streets in an attempt to target and reduce illegal parking. [more]
British company Flashpark, renowned for its innovative approach to parking control, has announced its latest development: The world's first talking parking sign. [more]
A car park near Edinburgh airport has become one of the most expensive in Britain since the charges increased to £1 for a five minute stay. [more]
Cambridge police have announced that they will crack down on illegal parking outside schools in Cambridge amid fears for the safety of pupils. [more]
Parking charges are to be introduced to Leeds city centre on evenings and Sundays from 18 November. [more]

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