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Surrey school concerned about inappropriate parking

A school in Surrey is set to implement changes to tackle parking problems after parents and staff thought that the current situation could be dangerous for the children at the school.

Reports from Get Surrey revealed that Ashford Park Primary School has been looking into problems regarding the congestion around the front of the school.

The local committee meeting looked at several solutions to the parking problems in order to deal with the issue on Station Crescent.

Among the solutions discussed was the implementation of a Kiss and Drop scheme. This would mean that the zig zag lines currently in front of the school were replaced with double yellow lines, meaning parents would be required to take notice of these and pull in quickly to drop their children off, instead of parking up and leaving their car to cause further congestion problems.

The report from the investigations into the new idea read: “Concerns have been expressed over the safety of children arriving and leaving Ashford Park Primary School following concerns raised by the borough councillor and residents.

"There have also been ongoing concerns over the behaviour of parents parking inappropriately on Station Crescent and Windsor Drive and the congestion caused by school journeys.”

The school is considering other parking control ideas as well, such as widening the road and providing better pedestrian access and parking restrictions.

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