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Scottish council spends £60,000 to solve parking problems

A Scottish council is going to spend £60,000 to reduce parking problems being experienced in the town of Elgin.

Moray Council has announced an ambitious parking study to try and devise a strategy for making it easier for shoppers and workers to park in the town centre. However, some have already raised their concerns that the study will be a waste of public money.

According to the Press & Journal, the council's review will scrutinise the lack of available spaces and gauge car park usage levels, before creating a plan of how to tackle the issues. Councillor Graham Leadbitter said that the study was launched because many of the town's car parks were "overflowing" and new car park solutions were needed.

He said: "We have a complex parking situation in Elgin, it affects people commuting into the town for work and visitors who want to reach tourist destinations.

"Hospital parking is a problem, with the car park there overflowing, and Moray College’s car park is always packed, with vehicles flowing into neighbouring streets."

The funding for the parking study has come from the council's economic development budget, but not everyone believes this is the best way to spend the money. Convener Allan Wright commented: "This is in the budget, but it may be that we need to save from this budget in order to deliver higher priority services.

"I’m not sure that spending £60,000 on this is value for money."

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