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Poor parking facilities 'driving consumers away'

A Cambuslang woman has highlighted the importance of good parking for a town's economy.

Speaking to the Scottish Daily Record, Mairi Bell claimed that the lack of parking provisions in Cambuslang is driving shoppers to other towns with better parking and is hurting local businesses.

While there are a number of allocated bays in the town, they have tight time limits allocated to them, making it impossible to guarantee a space for anyone who really needs them.

She added that she would be open to parking meters being installed, rather than only having access to a tiny number of free spaces.

“I would rather pay a parking fee than end up with a £60 penalty every time I overstay in a space,” she added.

Clare McColl, SNP member and Cambuslang West councillor, agreed that “parking in the town is a nightmare” and noted that she is in discussions with the local parking manager about ways in which the team could try and improve things.

Gordon Mackay, head of roads and transportation for South Lanarkshire Council, added: “The available parking has to address the needs both of those who park to go shopping or to appointments and those who work in the town centre and provide these services.

“The council is mindful of this demand for spaces and it takes any opportunity it can find to increase the overall parking provision."

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