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Police increase parking control in Huntingdon

Police in Huntingdon have stepped up their approach to parking control after a campaign by local residents.

The campaign arose after too many drivers were seen parking on footpaths and causing obstructions. Their bad parking blocked other people and forced pedestrians onto the roads.

In response to the campaign, police have issued clear warnings that these people will face a £30 fixed penalty notice.

Parking problems are particularly bad in St Germain Street and the Princes Street-Market Hill area, PCSO Shiralee George told The Cambridge News.

Sue Milton, who has been involved in the campaign to get some action taken about the bad parking, told the paper that the parking situation has become “very awkward”. She added: “I have never lived anywhere where it has been as bad. I saw a blind man there the other day with a guide dog and he had to go into the road.”

Mrs Milton added that she would like to see further parking control brought into play, such as the installation of bollards or flower planters, to prevent the problem. She has also called for town Rangers to be given the power to issue parking tickets.

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