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Cambridge's parking problems 'delaying ambulances'

Bad parking is always an inconvenience, but sometimes it can also be dangerous, as an incident in Cambridge has illustrated.

Paramedics have revealed that they are regularly "struggling" to drive their ambulances down Mill Road because of lazy and inconsiderate parking. This in turn is causing a major risk to sick people, who are having to wait longer for vital, life-saving services to reach them.

Roxanne De Beaux of Cambridge Cycling Campaign pictured the parking problems, the Cambridge News reported. The East of England Ambulance Service has now launched an appeal to motorists to not leave their cars jutting out into the road, which is already heavily congested with traffic.

A spokesman for the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust said: "We always appreciate motorists giving the best access possible to our vehicles because every minute counts in an emergency and we would ask the public to park with consideration.

"Considerate parking includes thinking about blind spots for oncoming vehicles, ensuring an ambulance is able to travel through the road without problems, and helping crews park very close to the address we're called to."

The city's police have also weighed in on the issue, starting the #DaftParking campaign. Cyclists, pedestrians and motorists are encouraged to post pictures on social media shaming bad or dangerous parkers.

Firefighters have also complained of struggling to get past obstructions caused by "inconsiderate parking" in the Mill Road area, the local paper added.

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