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Bristol completes residents' parking zones

Bristol has completed the roll out of its residents' parking zones (RPZ) with the 16th and final area's restrictions now up and running.

Five years ago the city began to introduce the restrictions, starting with Kingsdown. Since then the policy has been extended across the city in a bid to cut back on commuter parking in Bristol.

The plans were introduced by mayor George Ferguson but have not been popular with everyone. Some protests have been held and there have even been cases of parking machines being vandalised.

However, the mayor insists that as the scheme has gone live, local residents and tradespeople have realised the benefits that the parking controls have brought.

Mr Ferguson said: “The rollout has done what I hoped it would do, with most opposition fading once a scheme goes live, and the majority of residents and traders being pleasantly surprised.

“The feedback we're getting is that parking becomes much easier in the residents' parking zones.”

He added that local councillors and neighbourhood partnerships will now be consulted on the results of the scheme and how best to proceed before “reconsidering an extension to the scheme”.

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