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Private Parking Tickets

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FlashPark, the pioneering provider of civil parking enforcement solutions, has launched a new product that takes a no-nonsense approach to tackling parking problems – in the form of a talking parking ticket.

The new parking notice, which is being used exclusively by FlashPark, issues a verbal warning to people who have parked where they were not meant to, as an alternative to an immediate financial parking charge notice. Companies, organisations or individuals issuing the tickets can customise the messages delivered by the tickets to a length of 30 seconds. The flexibility of this verbal delivery method allows issuers to be as stern or as straightforward as they see fit depending on the situation.

The talking ticket allows the landowners to make their verbal warnings very specific to the vehicle in question, opening up the first line of communication between the offending motorist and the landowner.

FlashPark’s head of business development, Costas Constantino, said that the ticket is the latest addition to the company’s range of low cost and motorist-friendly parking solutions. He said that the company's constant search for innovation in parking enforcement measures since the introduction of the wheel-clamping ban, has seen them become a UK leader in landlord self-regulation and a popular option for those struggling with parking enforcement on private property.

“FlashPark solves 87.6 per cent of parking problems without having to resort to the use of issuing tickets, but our business is a constantly developing formula and is filling the vacuum created by the wheel clamping ban,” Mr Constantino explained.

For more information on FlashPark’s new solution contact:

Costas Constantino
Head of Business Development
FlashPark Ltd
07831 299288