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Warning sign example
Parking Charge Notice example

Raise a Parking Charge Notice (Demonstration)

Create a ticket for

Vehicle registration number *
Type of offence being reported
Date of the offence *
Time of the offence *
Address of the controlled parking area *
Post code of the controlled parking area *
To add photos
  1. Click the browse button to select your photo file
  2. Click Add Photo button to add the photo that you have selected

To upload more than one photo, simply repeat these 2 steps. You can add up to 3 photos per offending vehicle only.
Photo file  
Registration checked *  Tick this box to confirm that the vehicle details returned match those shown on the uploaded photographs..
* is required information.
Vehicle image
Vehicle image
Vehicle image
Please have a go at raising a Parking Charge Notice (a ticket) to see how easy it is.
  1. Take photographs of the offending vehicle and upload them onto your PC
  2. Enter the vehicle's registration number and the date, time and location of the controlled parking area into this page
  3. Upload the photographs of the vehcile to our website
  4. Click the Create ticket button

You may find it helpful to read our advise on taking and uploading photographs (here).

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