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Windsor permit parking charges scrapped

From Monday, residents across Windsor and Maidenhead, Berkshire will no longer have to pay for their residents' parking permits.

The 4,000 homes affected will benefit from free parking permits worth up to £60 per year thanks to the change in the parking scheme issued this week.

The local council has also backdated the scheme to ensure that residents who purchased a permit that came into effect by 1 October will be refunded.

The change will see a decrease in revenue of an estimated £70,000 for the local borough but the council has issued a statement suggesting that it's the right move for the local area.

Councillor Carwyn Cox, cabinet member for environmental services, said: "We have ran this through finance. They are happy that we can afford to do it and we think it is right that our residents shouldn't have to pay to park at their homes."

Under the changes, residents will still receive permits eligible for their own parking zone, while visitor arrangements will stay the same with many choosing either paid-for visitor permits or pay-and-display parking.

The council have emphasised that the changes will only affect council-run permit parking and will not apply for private permit schemes.

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