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Wigan residents angered by car park management clampdown

Certain Wigan residents have claimed that a Lidl supermarket has prevented them from parking in its car park, despite the supermarket’s employees parking outside their row of terraced houses during the day.

Householders in Preston Road, Standish, have been making use of the Lidl carpark as they believe that staff have been parking outside their homes in order to free up space in the supermarket car park for customers.
However, residents have complained that Lidl has now posted signs limiting car park use to a maximum of 90 minutes before a fine is levied, meaning that they can no longer park there.

Standish Independent Ward councillor, Gareth Fairhurst, told Wigan Today that Lidl needs to reach an agreement with the Preston road residents, which could lead to a residents-only parking scheme suggested to the area’s highways department.

Mr Fairhurst told the newspaper: “They may have put up light and bright signs telling people that only shoppers can park on the car park and even them for only 90 minutes. But as far as the residents are concerned it is Lidl which is the problem because it is their staff and customers parking on the surrounding streets that mean residents can’t park in front of or near to their homes.

"If a residents-only permit scheme is brought in it will stop Lidl staff and shoppers blocking their spaces and allow residents to park near their own homes," he added.

A Lidl spokeswoman confirmed that it was considering the possibility of allowing residents that lived directly opposite the car park to use it during the “less busy” and non-trading hours.

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