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Wet weather parking fees proposed in Brighton

Motorists should be encouraged to visit Brighton in the rain with a reduction in parking fees, city councillors have said.

The proposal is part of the local Conservative Party manifesto for the Brighton and Hove City Council election on 7 May and is modelled on flexible parking charges used in San Francisco and Madrid.

According to the proposal, the council would use innovative technology to introduce significantly cheaper parking charges in the winter and on summer days that are forecast to be rainy to try to attract visitors.

Graham Cox, Conservative transport spokesman, said: “I see no reason why we couldn’t reduce the prices by half if we knew the weather was going to be rubbish.”

With much of the city's economy reliant on visitors, Mr Cox argues that the proposal could be the key to increasing profits for local businesses.

“If it’s a lovely hot summer day in June, July or August then the queues in Brighton will stretch up the A23 and every space in town is taken. If it’s wet then it’s a very different situation," he added.

The idea has been met with criticism by a number of opposing parties, with Green party transport spokesman Ian Davey suggesting it may cause confusion amongst visitors.

However, RAC spokesman Pete Williams has argued that any proposal aimed at cutting parking costs should be supported to encourage similar resorts to consider a reduction in charges.

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