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'We want to end parking tickets', say ministers

Councils should use a "common sense" approach to parking enforcements to hand out more verbal warnings and less parking tickets, according to ministers.

Government guidance has suggested that councils should not by trying to make a profit from fines, and should instead consider giving a verbal warning to drivers who have committed a minor contravention.

Drivers who find a traffic warden writing a ticket when they return to their parked car should be let off with a verbal warning, according to the guidance issued by transport ministers.

The advice was released as part of guidance issued to councils by the Secretary of State for Transport last month, which encouraged councils to highlight situations in which a penalty should not be issued.

It continued: “For example, an enforcement authority may wish to consider issuing a verbal warning rather than a penalty to a driver who has committed a minor contravention and is still with, or returns to, the vehicle before a penalty notice has been served.”

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has stated that the move was further evidence that the Conservative party is taking a "common sense approach to parking enforcement", which is likely to be welcomed by drivers who are regularly infuriated by parking wardens.

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