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Waitrose store causes illegal parking controversy

Bosses at the new Waitrose store in Malmesbury have not included a staff car park for their workers, resulting in illegal parking by employees in a farmer’s field.

Residents living near the store are unhappy that the field behind their homes is now full of cars parked illegally. They have started a petition to try to prevent Waitrose workers using the field, saying that some staff begin work as early as 5am while others leave after 10pm at night.

The field was originally used for a car park by the construction staff building the store at Avon Mills. The council told residents that they would take no action as it was a temporary arrangement.

Lis Collingridge, whose home backs on to the field, told the Western Daily Press: “It was a major nuisance but we put up with it because we were told it would only be for 10 weeks and would revert back to a field when the store opened.

“But when the store opened, the staff started parking their cars there too. We contacted Wiltshire Council and feel really let down, because they said – again – it was only a temporary thing so they wouldn't take action. The council officers are supposed to be representing us, not Waitrose. Waitrose must obviously know this car park has no planning permission and is therefore illegal.”

A Waitrose spokesman said that the parking was only happening for the “opening period”.

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