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UK's first workplace parking levy 'creating chaos' in Nottingham

Strong criticism has been levied at Nottingham City Council’s new car parking scheme – which charges employers for each parking space they offer in their workplace.

Motorists and local residents have argued that the scheme – which charges employers £334 for each parking space – has caused “chaos” on the roads, as drivers are choosing to park in the free spaces close to their workplace rather than in the paid-for spaces.

While the charge has been levied upon the workplace rather than individual members of staff, employees are seeing these costs filter down, and are choosing the free parking as a result.

Resident Angela Cairns, told the Telegraph newspaper: “Since the levy was introduced it's been chaos. People who live on those roads have had tremendous problems. One person couldn't even get off his driveway to get to work one day.”

Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles, told the newspaper that the new workplace parking tax “was doing more harm than good, by clogging up the roads and causing parking problems to spread.”

The scheme was rolled out as an alternative to congestion charges in a bid to help raise money for tramworks taking place in the area.

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