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Thurrock Council turns parents and teachers into traffic wardens

Thurrock Council has announced plans for a new scheme which will empower parents and teachers at a local primary school to issue parking tickets.

Designed to combat the parking problems currently being experienced at Tilbury Primary School, the council has provided training and handed over parking enforcement powers to parents, teachers, governors and PTA members so they can hand out parking penalties.

The news comes after Thurrock Council said at a meeting last Thursday (September 24), that it did not have enough wardens to enforce traffic restrictions around schools at peak times - it has six wardens across its 50 schools, the Essex Chronicle reported. It is looking to this new model, in which those involved in the running of the schools will also take control of parking enforcement, as a potential solution to this problem.

Following a week of training for volunteer teachers and parents, Tilbury Pioneer Academy began piloting the scheme last week. Thurrock Council will assess its success at the end of the first term.

Thurrock County Council leader, John Kent, said: "We get regular complaints from schools and parents about the irresponsible and thoughtless parking by the school gates every morning and evening and yet we have ever-decreasing resources to enforce parking laws across the borough.

"It seemed a sensible idea that people already associated with the schools – a parent or teachers who often already stand outside the gates checking on children’s safety - were able to have some official status backed up by the final sanction of issuing a ticket."

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