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Stoke-on-Trent rolls out spy car to stamp out illegal parking

Stoke-on-Trent City Council has invested in a new ‘spy-car’ in a bid to crack down on illegal parking.

The £74,000 CCTV 'spy' car aims to catch motorists who persist in parking illegally outside schools in the area. The council already owns one of the vehicles and hopes that having a fleet of two will help to solve the school-run problem.

The council has purchased the vehicle following 633 calls for action to be taken against illegal parking outside schools in the area over the last two years.

The car will be working initially at Packmoor Primary School, Willows Primary School, Penkhull, Weston Coyney Junior School and Waterside Primary School, Hanley.

The first car owned by the council led to £457,000 in parking fines in just four years.

Paul Shotton, deputy council leader, told the Stoke Sentinel: "We are receiving a large increase in requests for enforcement from schools due to illegal and unsafe parking outside their gates.

"With all schools asking for enforcement at the same time, we can't meet all demand and currently have a four-week waiting list. The CCTV car will be used to ensure the safety of our children going to and from school and will help us to reduce the safety risks caused by illegal and inconsiderate parking. This is absolutely not about making money by fining motorists."

Motorists who park in areas marked as ‘keep clear’ and on zig-zag markings and pedestrian crossings will be noted by the car and fined £70.

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