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Spy car targets illegal parking in Leeds

Leeds council has introduced a spy car to the city's streets in an attempt to target and reduce illegal parking.

The vehicle, which is currently on a two-week trial period, has already been used to target late-night illegal parking in the city centre, as well as dangerous parking near local schools.

So far, the car has focused on the areas within the city where there have been illegal parking complaints from police of members of the public, but motoring campaigners have questioned the car's introduction.

An AA spokesman, who agrees with campaigners, has suggested that the camera cars are disliked by locals and are often difficult to see until it's too late for drivers.

Leeds council have been forced to defend their decision following the government's announced new proposals to ban spy cars as a means of tackling illegal parking.

A spokeswoman for Leeds council said: "We have used the car to check on dangerous parking around schools, and late at night in the city centre where parking issues are causing issues of public safety. We are not issuing any tickets as part of the trial, but in extreme cases we will issue warning notices.”

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