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Selkirk police act to prevent parking 'chaos'

Police in Selkirk have taken action in order to put a stop to the “chaos” of parking in the area.

Officers issued parking tickets to illegally parked motorists last week as the first instalment of their surprise crackdown on ill thought-out or illegally parked vehicles.

Those who insist on parking on single and double-yellow lines received tickets, along with those who were seen to be parking in disabled bays without a disabled parking badge displayed in their vehicle. The parking chaos began when Police Scotland withdrew traffic wardens as part of cost-saving cuts.

Community PC Steve Sullivan addressed local residents at this week’s Selkirk’s Community Council meeting, saying: “It will not be tolerated. Just because we no longer have traffic wardens, it will not stop.”

PC Sullivan went on to say that further “spontaneous” checks would be carried out over the coming weeks, in order to continue to deter motorists from parking illegally, blocking driveways or making use of spaces not meant for then.

Scottish Borders Council’s executive member for roads and infrastructure, Councillor Gordon Edgar, told The Southern Reporter: “Buses cannot get past and I would hate to see what would happen if a fire engine needed to get past. People are parking on both sides of the road and it is causing a great deal of concern.”

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