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Scottish drivers urged to fight unfair parking tickets

Scottish motorists have been urged to fight unfair parking tickets by Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS).

The organisation's new It's Not Fine campaign is highlighting bad practises within the parking enforcement industry and advising drivers about what to do if they are fined.

CAS chief executive Margaret Lynch stated that unfair parking fines are an issue that affect thousands of people across Scotland.

She said: "I want to be very clear that we are not telling people not to pay parking tickets. We have no problem with charges which are levied fairly, with clear terms and conditions, appropriate signage and robust appeal mechanisms."

Ms Lynch added that the parking companies CAS is campaigning against are those that do not use the proper signage, as well as those charging inflated fees and failing to respond properly to motorists who appeal.

CAS noted that many fines are labelled Parking Charge Notice, which can be easily confused by drivers with Penalty Charge Notice. The latter is the name of statutory parking fines distributed by local authorities, while the former is given out by private parking companies. Parking fines are a major source of income for councils across the country.

"To the parking companies, we say clean up your industry and offer a fair deal to your customers," said Ms Lynch.

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