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Say you’re sorry and get let off your parking ticket


London, United Kingdom,
14th October 2013

A survey of motorists issued with parking charge notices has revealed that given the chance to apologise, the vast majority do not reoffend.

A sample of 375 motorists who were issued parking charge notices by parking enforcement company FlashPark had been asked for an undertaking not to reoffend at the same location in return for having the charge notice quashed.

The survey covered a six-month period up to 31st July 2013 and all of the motorists in the sample had parked illegally on private land and had subsequently appealed against their notices on various grounds.

Only 3 per cent of the sample reoffended in the two months following the apology, significantly lower than the reoffending level for those illegal parkers who were not given the chance to say sorry.

According to Costas Constantino of FlashPark, “this shows that the majority of the motoring public are basically honest citizens and are good for their word.

“We are looking at the possibility of sending out warnings instead of parking charge notices for first offences. Our business model still works as our services are paid for by the landowner,” he said.

Mr Constantino is the inventor of the world’s first ‘talking parking ticket’, a 30-second friendly audio warning that can be recorded by the issuer at the scene of the parking misdemeanour.

FlashPark is the first parking control company in the UK that issues warnings without charge notices - at a time when parking charges are at a record high cost.

About FlashPark™

FlashPark is a UK car parking enforcement agency that utilises the custom technology to allow landowners to issue instant Parking Charge Notices (PCN) to illegally parked vehicles on private land. FlashPark has proved hugely popular amongst many organisations with a wide variety of parking problems. It is simple to use and non-confrontational with the added convenience of being operated instantly 24 hours a day for any private car parking area in the UK.

Media Contact:
Costas Constantino
Vehicle Control Solutions Ltd t/a FlashPark
West Hill House
6 Swains Lane, Highgate
London N6 6QS

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