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Romford illegal parking fines issued in error

Following a mistake by a roads contractor, hundreds of pounds worth of illegal parking fines have had to be recalled in Romford, Essex.

Residents of Rush Green Road received fines for parking on the curb of the pavement directly outside their homes, despite having done so for years. They later found out that a mistake had been made by the new council parking scheme in the area. White lines were meant to be painted demarking new parking bays in the street.

Resident Ann Stuart, who received a £110 fine, told the Romford Recorder: “I have lived here for 20 years now and have never had any trouble like this. I have always parked in the exact same spot and nothing has ever been said, which made me even more confused when I saw the fine.

“If the council are going to change the rules then tell us about it, don’t just do it without our knowing. If they haven’t changed anything, then why are they causing us so much hassle?”

Havering Council had ordered the area including Rush Green Road to be remarked, but the roads contractor missed the road out. The parking fines given to the residents have since been cancelled and any parking enforcement in the area has been suspended by the council until the correct markings are reinstated.

Cllr Robert Benham said: “It was my belief as a resident of Rush Green Road for over 34 years that the tickets were issued in error, so I immediately contacted the head of streetcare, sent the information and photos and asked him to review the situation as a matter of urgency.”

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