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Rishton residents call for dangerous parking action

Residents in Rishton have called for the local council to take action over dangerous parking in the local area.

The residents living in Stourton Street have signed petition letters expressing their "serious" concern over the parking situation, which they believe could lead to an accident.

Nigel Airey, local resident, has argued that the problem was caused by three county council sites, including Norden High School, the local sports centre and the Primetime centre. All of these sites provide little or no parking and so rely on the local area.

Mr Airey said: “We are talking about cars parking all day long on the residents’ side, and 98 per cent of these people are employed by Lancashire County Council.”

According to Rishton Councillor Ken Moss, the council is doing all that they can to rectify the situation and find a solution that suits all involved. However, Mr Moss has stated that the issue requires a long-term fix, and is unlikely to be rectified overnight.

He said: "Unfortunately the bottom line is that the school has been there a long time, and the residents have bought their houses knowing full well about the parking."

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