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Review of on-street parking across Staffordshire to boost town trade

New on-street parking changes could be introduced in Staffordshire with the review to revive town centres, increase tourism and create more jobs.

Plans to create more on-street parking spaces, free parking for limited periods at certain times of day, and the ability to buy parking tickets in shops are being put in place - all of which county council leaders believe could lead to a higher turnover of short stay parking and increased evening stays.

The council will be working alongside district and borough councils and private car park operators over the next few months to decide the most appropriate arrangements for each town and village, after first consulting with the public.

The review will also include looking at car parking in the council's country parks, where some already have paid-for parking, and could potentially spread this out to other country parks and sites.

Councillor Mark Winnington, cabinet member for economy, environment and transport at Staffordshire County Council said: "Well thought out car parking arrangements for our towns and villages is essential for our local economies to grow. We want to support the vitality and viability of our town centres, helping support local shops, and jobs, while attracting more visitors and tourism to the county.

"At the same time we want to strike the right balance in each town that benefits the whole community. Carrying out a review will give us the chance to explore innovative and creative ways of better managing our car parking arrangements across the county."

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