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Residents’ parking machines vandalised

Two ticket machines in Leicester installed as part of a controversial scheme of resident parking have been vandalised.

The two machines, which were installed in November and came into use two weeks ago, had been removed from the ground and left lying on their sides in Westcotes Drive.

It is believed that no money was removed from the parking control machines and that it was instead an act of vandalism, the Leicester Mercury reported.

A Leicester city council spokeswoman said: “These machines were installed in early November, as part of the extension of the Westcotes residents’ parking scheme. Our engineers have been out to assess the damage and both machines will be repaired as quickly as possible.”

The parking enforcement scheme had previously been criticised by residents and local businesses alike. Residents were objected to having to pay to park near their homes, while businesses in the local area feared it would affect trade.

Following the incident, a resident commented: “When I saw what had happened to these machines, I wondered how someone had done it. The residents’ parking scheme is a very contentious issue.

“If this is a case of vandalism by someone who disagreed with the scheme, then it is wrong and I can’t condone it.”

The incident has been reported to Leicestershire Police.

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