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Primary school to charge parents £45 per year for parking

A primary school in Stoke-on-Trent is set to become one of the first to charge parking permits to parents of attending pupils.

St Gregory's Catholic Academy plans to have a 50 space car park costing parents £2 each week or £15 a term for a parking permit, a decision following traffic issues which are said to have put the children at risk by inconsiderate drivers.

The school states it will need to charge parents in order to pay for a parking enforcement warden and install a new gate and signs.

Principal of St Gregory's, Margaret Yates, told the Telegraph: "As the head, and also a parent, I fully understand the difficulty in parking around the school, but the safety of the children has to be put first, above everything else.

"We have a budget for the education of our children and of course safeguarding comes into that. But we cannot spend that money on a car park, which is why we must look elsewhere to cover the costs."

However, parents of the school children have presented the news with mixed responses. The majority have supported the decision - 46-year-old mother of two Tracy Gregory said: "As parents we want what is best for our kids and we don't mind paying a little extra. I'm very happy with what the school is doing."

Other parents have not taken to the parking permit so favourably; father of two Michael Underwood commented: "The traffic is a concern but I've never heard of anybody being charged money to just to drop children at the school gates - it's like a parent tax."

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