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Police crack down on Cambridge school parking

Cambridge police have announced that they will crack down on illegal parking outside schools in Cambridge amid fears for the safety of pupils.

Police will target anyone parking obstructively outside schools and will fine or prosecute those parking on zig-zag yellow lines or double yellow lines.

Councillors have warned that checks will be carried out outside the schools in the south of the city due to an increase in complaints leading to the area becoming a priority.

Sergeant Jim Stevenson, who is leading the operation, has highlighted that parking regulations are in place to protect the children and suggests that those ignoring the law are putting lives at risk.

Local councillors also welcome to reforms. Councillor Amanda Taylor said: “It has to be safe for children to walk and cycle to school and it’s quite appalling that some parents who drive children to school put children who walk or cycle at risk."

Councillor Jean Swanson has agreed, arguing that the safety of the children should be prioritised over parents' convenience.

The Cambridge police have targeted dangerous driving near schools before, focusing on Queen Edith School and Morley Memorial School in Queen Edith's, but both police and councillors agree that the remainder of offenders should be tackled before the problem escalates.

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