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Pembrokeshire Council to address harbour parking problems

Pembrokeshire County Council has said that it is considering parking enforcement measures amid issues at Lowertown Quay.

Problems have arisen at the harbour as careless parking is on the rise, blocking off slipways and preventing motorists from turning around when they get to the end of the quay wall. As a result, the council is weighing up whether or not to make the area just for loading or unloading, the Western Telegraph reported.

A spokesman for the council said of the current parking problems: “This is a nuisance to all and would hamper emergency services responding to a marine incident. This has led the council to consider how it might alleviate the situation to the benefit of all harbour users.”

Originally the council had planned to simply add signs around the quay area - which is not public roads but rather is owned by the council - that would remind drivers to park in a considerate manner. However, this has seemingly been ruled too soft an approach, and new measures are likely to come into effect in the near future should the problems persist.

“If this does not result in an improvement, then the council will consider what other measures are required to ensure the quay and slipways are able to operate properly for road and harbour users,” the spokesman explained.

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