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Pavement parking bill introduced in Scotland

A bill banning parking on pavements has been introduced to the Scottish Parliament for a third time in a bid to reduce health and safety risks for pedestrians.

Under the current law, parking on pavements in Scotland is only prohibited if councils have passed specific traffic regulations. However, SNP MSP Sandra White has introduced a parking enforcement Bill that would ban double parking and make it an offence for drivers to park on footways and dropped kerbs.

According to Ms White, these proposals could help prevent vehicles from blocking walkways or parking on dropped kerbs, which can cause a number of issues for people with mobility problems.

"For the thousands of people affected by irresponsible parking, who cannot get about and lead their daily lives, this Bill will provide legislation which will be enormously important and will make a huge positive difference to them," she said.

A number of organisations have pledged their support for the proposal, including traffic wardens, the fire service and charities, including Guide Dogs Scotland.

However, cooperation between UK and Scottish governments will be required to pass the legislation, which requires an amendment to the 1998 Scotland Act in order to pass as legislation before it can be fully implemented.

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