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Parking system ‘lacks credibility’ says council

A parking guidance system in Dorset is still displaying incorrect information a year after it was introduced.

The parking scheme is designed to inform motorists of vacant spaces across the town but the real-time information is not up to scratch yet and many signs are inaccurate. The news comes after traffic control manager Matthew Williams gave a presentation to the Dorset Town Council’s planning and environment committee to address the concerns raised by local residents.

Mr Williams said: “We have been plagued with a number of issues unique to Dorchester."

A number of Councillors also commented on the parking system issues including Andy Canning who added: “I think one of the problems is that system lacks credibility. If people don’t believe the numbers there is no point in having signs at all.”

The county had contracted the same company to install the system used in Weymouth and it works smoothly there. The company is now spending two to three days to investigate the issues, without added costs for the council.

The parking system is not the only piece of technology that has been plagued by issues; Councillor Trevor Jones said that real-time bus information at some stops in town are not working correctly either, three years after they had been introduced.

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