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Parking problems in Cae’r Wern cause concern

Residents of Cae’r Wern retirement housing estate are experiencing severe car parking problems in the area.

Students from the nearby Merthyr College and other people who do not live in the area park their cars on the estate which results in filled up parking spaces and clogged up roads.

Mark Powell, who lives on the estate with his wife Caroline, who has heart problems, commented on the issue: “We need access, she has a heart condition. Six months ago she had heart palpitations and the ambulance had to stop just by the corner. They had to bring a wheelchair here and take her back.”

He also added that he would not mind paying for a parking permit which would cost between £25 and £30 a year and believes introducing a permit would sort out the parking issues which have been ongoing for at least 20 years.

A spokeswoman from Merthyr Valleys Homes said: “We sympathise with the residents of Cae’r Wern that are experiencing these parking concerns – we have been and will continue to work with them to identify a solution that will help alleviate their problems.

"We have carried out two consultations with residents, as the permit scheme suggested in the first consultation was not agreed to by the majority of residents.”

The College Merthyr Tydfil said it understands the severity of the parking problems and is actively informing their staff and students of other parking spaces across town as well as alternative transport ways such as the ‘ride your bike to work scheme’.

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