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Parking permit scheme poses problems

Residents of Boscombe Road in Southend are faced with serious parking problems after they opted out of the council’s proposed parking permit scheme.

Several streets surrounding the area which is close to Victoria station as well as the town centre, agreed to the scheme and as Boscombe Road is now the only street without parking restrictions, motorists are choosing to park there. As a result, residents are often unable to park in their own street and instead are forced to pay to park in the town centre.

Ironically, the scheme was introduced by ward councillors to combat nuisance parking by commuters.
Including Boscombe Road now will not be easy and Jack Creeber, the council’s team leader for parking, said: “Adding the road to the scheme could be considered, but further consultation would have to take place and a request to review would need to be made to the council’s traffic and highways team.”

Mum-of-two Vicky Takawira added: “It has becoming horrendous. It started last year when they started putting in the residents’ bays. Sometimes there is no alternative but to park in town and pay for three hours of parking and walk home. It’s like that from 8.30am to 6.30pm and is very difficult with young children."

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