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Parking enforcement scheme criticised

Efforts to carry out parking enforcement in Bedford with double yellow lines won’t work, according to local people.

The borough council is aiming to stop illegal parking at the top end of Park Road North and along the eastern part of Foster Hill Road by installing the double yellows by the end of January. The current lines on the western part of the Foster Hill Road will be removed.

But people living nearby say the enforcement action will simply make illegal parking problems worse for them.

David Allen told the Bedfordshire News: "Part of the problem is that people using the leisure centre and the park are leaving their cars on Foster Hill Road because if you go in the car park you still have to get a ticket even though it's free which is a nuisance. It has all been very badly managed."

But Bedford Borough Council said the new parking plan was drawn up after a public consultation. It followed complaints about illegal parking on the eastern side of Foster Park Road which blocked the pathway for pedestrians.

A council spokeswoman said: "The council is therefore proposing to implement double yellow lines along this side of the road to prevent cars from parking on the footway and stop this obstruction.”

She added that although the new scheme would increased the number of parking spaces available, its main aim was to stamp out illegal parking on the pathway.

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