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Parking changes come into effect in Richmond

Richmond Council has been praised by a parking enforcement campaigner after it implemented changes that he had suggested, making it “the fairest” borough for parking fines.

Nigel Wise, 62, urged the council to make parking enforcement changes in Powder Mill Lane, Richmond, after several instances in which he noticed drivers were receiving large fines as they were not allowed to park on the street to shop at the local businesses. This also meant that local traders were losing business as a result.

Prior to the changes, the road offered all-day unlimited parking on one side, which would be immediately clogged with cars that then remained there all day, whilst the other side did not allow any parking at all.

Cars parked on the no-parking zone on one side of the road would often receive large fines as a result of the council’s camera cars that patrolled the area. Mr Wise praised Richmond Council leader, Lord True, for listening to his concerns and for making changes at a time when many councils are tightening up on their parking policies.

He told the Richmond and Twickenham Times: “The shop keepers are happy now because cars are allowed to park on both sides of the road.

“A couple of shops closed because of it, so the Lib Dem council at the time were so revenue driven but were actually losing out on business rates from shops as a result of it. I think this demonstrates that Lord True is committed to enforcing a fair parking regime and Richmond is working with shop keepers,” he added.

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