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Over half of parking ticket appeals are successful

More than half of appeals made over parking tickets are successful, new research shows.

A study conducted following a Freedom of Information request to all councils in England and Wales by consumer complaint service Resolver.co.uk revealed that under one per cent of tickets issued to motorists were appealed during 2012.

But of those drivers who did appeal against their parking fines, 35,816 of 69,921 were successful, reports Auto Express.

The research also found that almost all (99 per cent) of the motorists who lodged an appeal against a ticket issued to them in the City of London had their fines rescinded.

James Walker, Resolver.co.uk founder, said: "Our study shows that it pays to complain and appeal a parking ticket if you feel it has been awarded unfairly.

"It also highlights the aggressive tactics of some councils to simply use parking charges to bump up their revenues in a complete disregard for consumers' rights."

More than eight million tickets were found to have been issued across the year, with 60,256 of them handed out in the City of London. Of the 1,590 appeals that were made against parking enforcement in this area, just 19 of them failed.

A change to the law this summer meant that motorcycles and cars that park on City Walkways around the Thames, St Paul's Cathedral, the Millennium Bridge and the Barbican theatre may now be subject to a £130 parking ticket.

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