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On-street parking 'chaos' in Stratford sparks anger among residents

Residents of Saxon Close in Stratford have voiced their anger over ongoing parking problems in the area.

The residents have said they are considering new parking enforcement measures because motorists are leaving their car in the Close all day long, the Stratford Herald reported. People are using the road to then commute into town, thereby avoiding the town centre parking charges.

A new proposal that has been put forward could see a two-hour parking limit for non-residents leaving their car on Saxon Close. An anonymous letter has been posted to every homeowner of the street to suggest the introduction of new measures to tackle the parking congestion.

The problem escalated last week when police were called to the street because drivers had parked their vehicles so close to other cars that it was impossible to get them out.

Residents Ken and Angela Martin commented on the issue: “The police had to be called out to Saxon Close the other Saturday. The Close was utter chaos. Residents were unable to get in or out.

"Some having to cancel appointments and family visits. Yellow lines are needed desperately.

"Our concern is should an ambulance or fire engine need to get into the Close for an emergency, problems would arise. Parking on the pavement is also an issue with no consideration for wheelchair users or prams.”

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