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North Yorks bans illegal parking outside schools

North Yorkshire County Council has launched a crackdown on illegal parking outside schools.

The campaign started in the middle of the month, to give parents whose children started at new schools at the beginning of September an opportunity to get to know the area and make other travel arrangements. The council is backing up the ban by placing enforcement officers at schools around the county before and after school to ensure parents abide by the rules.

The changes were introduced to make coming to and leaving schools safer for children and to deal with the issue of illegal parking causing problems for people who live nearby. The council’s consultation on parking found that nearly three-quarters of respondents considered parking near schools to be a problem.

One respondent told the council: "Parents collecting children appear to have no regard for other road users, and take the attitude that they have every right to park illegally until their child comes out of school, regardless of others. In my village this is a constant problem."

In addition to causing problems for residents and safety concerns for pupils, illegal parking has been blamed for putting off parents allowing their children to walk or cycle to school. Schools are being offered help to get the message across to parents via a pack containing letters and leaflets.

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