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North Hertfordshire Council makes £2 million in four years from parking penalties

North Hertfordshire Council (NHDC) made more than £2 million from illegal parking over the past four years, the Advertiser has reported.

The local paper revealed that the number of penalty notices issued for on-street parking by NHDC is projected to have doubled since this time last year. Previously run at a loss, the amount raised through on-street parking charges before costs is expected to rise from £225,000 last year to £410,000 this year.

Furthermore, figures from the council state that £534,000 was generated from off-street parking enforcement between 2011 and 2012; while this fell to £356,000 last year, an income of £523,000 has been projected by the end of this year. In total, over the past four years NHDC estimates that off-street parking has raised £2,083,000, while the Advertiser say that half of the – £1,029,000 – has been invested in car parks.

Meanwhile the supposedly not-for-profit on-street parking will bring in an income of £44,000 for the council this year.

The rise in the amount of money being generated by both on and off-street parking has been attributed to an increase in staffing levels, even more parking activity, and a review of which areas should be enforced and during which hours.

Speaking to the Advertiser, garage-owner Raja Nawaz claimed he had been issued with seven penalty charge notices within two weeks. He said: “I still get parking tickets. So far this year I have had 16 of them. There is no slowdown, it is always exactly the same. It’s a constant worry.”

However, Councillor Tom Brindley from NHDC, said: “Since 2011 we have invested over £1.1 million on upgrading and renovating car parks and their facilities. In the 2014 to 2015 year we plan to invest nearly another £1 million; well in excess of the net income received.

“The revenue surplus generated from off-street parking helps to fund the non-profit service of enforcing on-street parking and other services that benefit North Herts residents.”

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