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MP pushes for free motorway parking

An MP and road safety charity have argued that the law should be changed so that tired drivers can spend more than two hours in motorway service stations without being charged.

David Davies and the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) have publicly condemned the charges imposed by private firms on motorists who rest at service stations for more than two hours to avoid falling asleep at the wheel.

Mr Davies has now called on the government to change its policy on the two-hour free parking limit, with which service station operators would be forced to comply.

Commenting on the charges, the Monmouth MP suggested that charging large amounts for extended parking could be increasing the number of accidents caused by lack of sleep.

“This is profiteering, plain and simple," he said. “Limiting parking time at motorway service stations is clearly contrary to the main reason for their existence – to provide rest stops.”

Via data collected through its THINK! campaign, the Department of Transport has stated that almost 20 per cent of accidents on major roads are sleep related accidents, which they suggest are more likely to result in a fatality or serious injury than many other types of road incident.

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