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Motorists to get 10 minutes grace to avoid parking tickets

Drivers in England are set to receive a 10 minutes "grace period" after a parking ticket runs out before they can be hit with a fine.

Under the new law, which is due to come into effect in March, the leeway will be applied to all on-street and off-street council parking spaces across the country.

According to communities secretary Eric Pickles, this new law is designed to prevent motorists returning to their cars moments after their ticket has expired to find they face large penalties.

“Slapping people with hefty fines is akin to criminalising shoppers and makes high streets or parades no-go zones for drivers. Over-zealous parking enforcement and unreasonable stealth fines by post undermine the high street,” he said.

According to Pickles and transport secretary, Patrick McLoughlin, the new laws will enable local residents and businesses to demand reviews of parking in their area, while parking adjudicators will be given the power to hold councils to account to prevent excessive fining.

The new rules are part of a wider change in legislation, which will include guidance offering residents the chance to challenge yellow lines on their road and will also prevent councils from using CCTV "spy cars" to catch motorists overstaying their parking ticket from next month.

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