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Motorists fined due to illegal parking on double yellow lines

Police are set to clamp down on motorists parking illegally on double yellow lines outside a chip shop in Wishaw town centre, the Daily Record reports.

The Wishaw Press reported last week that inconsiderate motorists are the cause of traffic chaos due to their illegal parking outside Tony's chip shop in Kirk Road where double yellow lines were recently allocated.

Last week police stated they were not able to issue any parking fines as there were no sign plates up in the street to make motorists aware of restrictions.

The council have now installed the necessary signs which allow police to hunt out drivers parking on double yellow lines. Waiting is now prohibited at all times on Kirk Road and loading is only allowed at certain times and displayed on the recent signs.

A spokesman for the council said: “Signs detailing the waiting and loading restrictions on Kirk Road have now been installed, which will allow the police to enforce any illegal parking.”

Police are responsible for the observation of loading and parking in the road, and declared last week they would take action on any illegal parking after the sign installations.

More than 40 people posted their opinions on Facebook about the parking issue. Aileen Graham Ralton said: “What annoys me is the bingo drivers, they park on the double yellows and 20 yards up the road the car park is empty.”

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